About SelectaDNA

SelectaDNA is the global leader in forensic marking, offering a wide range of property marking and identification products each containing a unique code of synthetic DNA.

The revolutionary SelectaDNA is the first true DNA security system in the property marking field and has been proven to reduce theft and burglaries by up to 85%. It is currently deployed by more than 75% of UK Police forces.

SelectaDNA not only reduces crime but also enables the Police to link criminals to crimes and secure convictions. SelectaDNA’s products are supported by an LPCB1224 database (which complies with UK Data Protection, Home Office and Police requirements) with 24/7 access and restricted areas for Police to offer a fully trackable marking solution for every kind of crime prevention requirement.

SelectaDNA is available in a number of formats including a property marking solution (combining DNA and microdot technology), a wide variety of sprays including a handheld Defence Spray, SelectaDNA Spray for robbery protection and SelectaDNA Trace for metal protection, and a range of transferable DNA products including Gel and Grease.

The SelectaDNA product range is approved by the UK Police Force under the ACPO Secured by Design accreditation scheme.

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